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FREE Weekly Meal Support Group

Groups and Programs

It’s time to break free
and reclaim your relationship with food

You deserve to achieve optimal health without feeling shame, guilt, or having to adopt restrictive eating habits.

There is a better way to nourish your body, mind, and soul, and our clinical dietitians can help you achieve this through sustainable, evidence-based nutrition counseling and services personalized to your unique needs and preferences.

Our team can provide you with guidance on physical activity, stress management, and other lifestyle factors that can help you achieve a healthy, balanced life.

You CAN achieve optimal health without feeling restricted or guilty.

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A personalized, evidence-based approach to nutrition

Our dietitians create customized nutrition plans that are tailored to each client’s unique needs, goals, and preferences, based on the latest scientific research and clinical guidelines.


Private 1:1 counseling is available for concerns like diabetes, heart disease, GI issues, and disordered eating behaviors in a non-judgmental atmosphere. We emphasize a non-diet approach, personalized menu planning, and mindful eating.

FREE Weekly Meal Support Group

Free weekly meal support on Wednesdays provides emotional support and helps redirect behaviors that can sabotage disordered eating recovery. It’s beneficial for those struggling with eating behaviors, want to eat in front of others, or need support with a food challenge. 

Groups and Programs

Seasonal groups are available for women and girls struggling with disordered eating and body image issues. These groups are held virtually or in-person and offer a supportive environment to connect with others and receive guidance from trained professionals. 

The support you need
to find…

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Sustainable habits

By working with our clinical dietitians, clients can expect to develop sustainable habits and a balanced, flexible, and non-restrictive diet that supports their physical and mental health for the long term.

Mindful eating

Our nutrition counseling and services help individuals develop a mindful approach to eating, in which they learn to listen to their bodies, honor their hunger and fullness cues, and make choices that feel good and nourishing.

Balanced nutrition

Clients can expect to achieve improved health outcomes, such as better blood sugar control, less GI distress, and increased energy levels, while also improving their relationship with food and their bodies.

What our clients are saying

Working with Iris the last few years has been an amazing experience!
Both, her passion to help her clients and
her expertise in nutrition therapy make her a number one in her field.

I credit her for my recovery and will forever cherish our sessions.

- RS

How it works

Call our office

Call our office and learn more about our nutrition services and programs.

Fill out paperwork

Before your first session begins, you will complete paperwork about your health history and nutrition concerns.

Attend your initial session

You will then attend your first nutrition counseling session with your dietitian. You will discuss your nutrition concerns and start to develop a plan for moving forward.

Schedule your follow up session

After your first session, you will schedule your follow-up session based on your specific plan and needs.

About our nutrition practice

Welcome to the Nutrition Improvement Center, where our nutrition therapy promotes positive self-esteem and coping strategies to help our clients nourish their bodies with well-balanced nutritious meals.

We recognize that disordered eating is a genuine medical condition that can stem from various factors, including genetic, personal, and environmental.

Our compassionate and respectful care is tailored to our clients’ cultural beliefs and focuses on helping them cope with real-life issues.

We understand the importance of family values in the recovery process and always seek informed consent before speaking with any family member or medical team.

Let us help you or your loved ones heal from disordered eating with respect, compassion, and a focus on nutrition therapy.

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What our clients are saying

As a client of Iris for many years, I can highly testify
to her utmost expertise & kind devotion to each of her clients, based on their individual needs.
She will continuously prod you forward & instill the hope
that recovery is possible while supporting you throughout the healing journey.
My deep appreciation knows no bounds & I will forever be grateful to her for believing in me!
I greatly recommend her wonderful & attentive services!!
- TR

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